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Calgary City FC's Blog

A leader in Grassroots soccer in Calgary

Who We Are

Calgary City FC is a club which makes soccer affordable for everyone in the city of Calgary. We are professionally managed with qualified coaches who strive to develop players from the Grassroots community level all the way up to Calgary Minor Soccer Association (CMSA) competitive league levels. We focus on the fundamental skills of soccer as our number one goal is to foster the innate ability for children to do what they are taught and encouraged to do it every day to be creative and innovative both individually and collectively!

Our Blog

Our vision is to develop and encourage creative soccer players and leaders today that will shape and change the game for tomorrow. That's why we've created a blog as a resource for both players and parents. Our blog will cover all things soccer, from nutrition, to training to recovery - we want to to perpetuate a prominent standard of quality in youth soccer.

Parent Resources

Our blog will allow parents to find resources on the development of soccer in Calgary, as well as how to best help their children with their development. Stay tuned for our upcoming blog posts on what you can do to best support your child in their soccer journeys!

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