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Following LTPD Model by Canada Soccer, WHAT IS LTPD (Long-Term Player Development)?

LTPD is a model of athlete development that parallels what doctors and psychologists have

long used to better understand human development: as a series of distinct stages that take us

from infancy to adulthood. A person’s abilities, behaviours, emotions, and

understanding of the world around them varies from stage to stage.

• Similarly, experts in sports science have identified several stages of development — each

with its own physical and psychological characteristics —that form the basis for LTPD.

When young soccer players can train and compete in an environment appropriate to their

development stage, they perform at their best and have more fun.

• Calgary City FC sessions are delivered by trained, certified and knowledgeable technical

staff following an age-specific curriculum and game model. Calgary City FC is dedicated to

providing a safe environment and creating a positive learning atmosphere for players of all

ages, regardless of ability, to push themselves to their desired level.

Joining the Calgary City Football Club CMSA program is perfect for any aspiring athlete who wants to play in a developmental team atmosphere, which is a great place to develop social skills, follow instructions, meet lifelong friends and 

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CMSA Competitive league structure


Community Soccer

Our mission is to perpetuate a superior quality standard in youth soccer by exemplifying excellence through coaching, encouraging, and inspiring children of all ages and backgrounds to develop a passion for the game. At CCFC, our philosophy is to ensure that all players challenge themselves regardless of their level. Sessions are designed with progressions to ensure each player is challenged and improving their skills while having fun and enjoying the game without any pressure to perform. We offer to our community soccer partners quality training method following the LTPD curriculum, providing training and education to coaches, printing out session materials for coaches, setting up registration in our platform, digital marketing on Facebook, Instagram and Google, waiver approvals, soccer field marking and rentals, providing equipment (nets, soccer balls and uniforms), hosting a wrap-up party, and managing communication with families. The format is to have one day for training/games in the community and set up friendly matches with other associated communities like Rosedale, Richmond knob Hill and Hounsfield Heights-Briar Hill community for the older age groups. 

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Soccer Camps

Our soccer camps are well-planned and strive to teach and correct soccer fundamental skills by breaking down the techniques and doing repetitions. Then, we implement the learning in the actual inter-squad tournament.

Our goal is to change players' behaviours from the first day of the camp to the last minute of it. 


Camp dates:

Dec 27 to 29th Vipers Dome NW

April 25 to 29th North Point School SW

July 15th to 19th Richmond Knob SW

July 22 to 26 Rosedale Community NW

July 29 to Aug 02 St Andrew's Park NW


Academy Training 

Ball Mastering - Finishing Master Class and Strength and Conditioning

Inquiring at: 

We've taken the RCM Pledge

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